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  • 1.What is difference between SDL and SDLT, are their performance same?

    For SDL series all wet parts material are stainless steel.For SDLT series the pump base and mechanical seal base are cast iron, all other parts such as impeller, diffuser, shaft, outer casing are same as CDL
  • 2. What is the biggest rated flow of SDL model

    The biggest rated flow is 200m3/h of SDL200 series, the Max.flow can be 240m3/h
  • 3.How many connection type for SDL series?

    For SDL1-SDL20 there are four connection type: Victaulic, thread, oval flange, round flange
    For SDL32 and bigger, only round flange connection
    NEMA standard flange also available.

  • 4. SDL can be used for what temperature range?

    We have two type:
    Standard type:  -15℃~+70℃
    Hot water type: -15℃~+105℃

  • 5.What material for SDL series available?

    Cast iron, SS304, SS316, duplex 2205

  • 6.What type mechanical seal and what is the standard material

    It is a cartridge mechanical
    Material is Graphite/Tungsten carbide, for O ring is Viton.