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Submersible sewage pump

Submersible sewage pump

Submersible sewage pump
CategoriesSewage Pumps
BrandRondos Water Pump Manufacturer
ModelWQ, CK
The liquid temperature<40ºC
Flow range7m3/h~3000m3/h
Head range7m~60m
The environment temperature<40ºC
Update TimeJul 21,2024
Detail Information
Product features:submersible sewage pump
Operating Limits

1. submersible depth: 5m
2. Liquid temperature up to <40ºC
3. Ambient temperature up to <40ºC
4. The maximum diameter of the solid grain going through the pump has not to be larger than 50% ofthat of the pump outlet.

Structural Characteristics:
Insulation Class:F
Protection Class: lP68
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